Aims and Vision

Mission Statement

Nurturing and inspiring a new generation of Homeopaths


At the River School of Homeopathy, we provide a dynamic 360-degree Homeopathic training that is truly holistic.

We nurture our students in a transformative learning environment through our fully immersive residential training. This unique approach enables students to gain a deep insight into what is needed to allow healing to happen, both within themselves and for the patients they encounter.

Through the process of learning to connect to the deeper wisdom within each of us, our students will become confident and empathic Homeopaths.

Core Values

Providing a safe environment with firm foundations for teaching the fundamental principals, philosophy and practice of homeopathy.

Liberating and expanding our minds, by developing instinctive and intuitive senses.

Empowering  the trusting of self and self belief

Encouraging compassion of self and others

Developing awareness through reflective practice  in order to discover your unique self

Practicing the art of listening through all your senses

Learning to perceive energy states and the vital force