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The River School of Homeopathy

The River School is dedicated to producing a new generation of Homeopaths equipped to meet the needs of Practice in the rapidly changing society of the 21st century.

Our students will learn both the art and science of Homeopathy alongside understanding the complexities of our modern world and its everchanging interface with our bodies and consequences on health.

Modern medicine, climate change, pollution, electromagnetic smog, multi -dimensional lifestyles all have a dynamic impact on our heath and ability to stay well.  We imbue our Homeopaths with the wisdom and intelligence to accept and blend these changes into our understanding of how Homeopathy can respond to the challenges presented.


Aims and Vision

At the River School of Homeopathy, we provide a dynamic 360-degree Homeopathic training that is truly holistic.

Courses & cpd

Our residential training allows you to immerse yourself in an empowering, safe and dynamic learning environment.  Try our taster weekend and find out more.


Who We Are

Maggie Dixon, Sian Moss and Helen Johnson, all qualified practitioners in Homeopathy and Holistic Medicine.


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