Our Mentor Team

Welcome to our mentor team who offer a range of one to one or group supervision, face to face or video conference call and are happy to provide ongoing case support in between sessions by text, What’s App, phone or email, to be arranged via student and mentor. Collaborative approach to case support is offered to help the student practitioner grow in confidence, knowledge and understanding of the process and themselves.

Judy Renucci

Judy, already a dowser and Reiki practitioner, qualified from the Homeopathy degree course at CHE, affiliated with Middlesex University. She is also an experienced Bach Flower (BFP) and Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) practitioner.

Judy studied New Remedies with Jo Ketterman, Chakra Development and Healing (AHAA) with Helen Johnson and Human Chemistry Balance with Ton Jansen. She works at Nelsons Pharmacy and also practices from Nelsons Pharmacy Clinic and her own clinic in Cookham, Berkshire.

Her passion for Homeopathy grew after healing from Chronic Fatigue when she learned that the healing journey is a process, involving mental, emotional, physical and spiritual layers.  She enjoys balancing people back to health, whatever physical or emotional issues they may have. Judy has been supervising students for several years, and loves seeing them grow as homeopathic practitioners.

Linda Eyre

Linda has been running her homeopathic practice since graduating in 2006 from the Lakeland College of Homeopathy. She has studied with Doctor Ramakrishnan during his time in the UK.

With a love of homeopathy and treating children especially, she also enjoys treating mental health issues such as anxiety and depression and is always amazed at the results. Fertility is another area of huge interest and she loves to treat ladies through pregnancy, birth and then to meet their babies. Linda works out of a clinic in her back garden which is a fabulous base in the beautiful Chiltern countryside.

Rix Pyke

Rix started her homeopathic journey in March 1982 when she first visited a Homeopath herself. Not until 1993 did she start to study Homeopathy through the School of Homeopathy in Devon. She attended the last full Guild of Homeopaths post-graduate training, ending in 2001. Rix has always spent approximately one day per month working in funded projects in Peckham, specifically working with people experiencing mental health issues.

Her practice is based in Peckham and also in a project in the Glengall Wharf Garden Community Yurt, funded by Homeopathy UK – formerly the British Homeopathic Association.  She has also been part of a co-op of holistic therapists – Maintaining Health Partners – who have worked in the Maudsley Psychiatric Hospital and in the wider community since 2010.

Rix teaches Chi Kung and has trained in Cranial Sacral Therapy in the Karuna Institute in Devon. She has been known to appear on YouTube in mega blockbuster hits ‘The Placebo Song’ https://youtu.be/2QiF8KNe9Bk and ‘The Skeptics (Knuckle) Rap’ https://youtu.be/68gw71y3Q4k and several more obscure videos.

Samantha Lowi

Samantha qualified as a Homeopath and set up practice in Manchester in 2002 and as a Cranial Sacral Therapist in 2011. She works from clinics in Manchester and Hebden Bridge and South Buckinghamshire.

Samantha has been using Homeopathy since she was a teenager with Chronic Fatigue. This inspired her to train as a Homeopath in her early twenties. Now with two children of her own she uses her therapies daily as part of everyday life with her family as well as in her work. She used Homeopathy during her own pregnancies and births.

Samantha works with a wide range of conditions, using her different healing modalities to create individual treatment plans to get to the core of each person’s healing journey. This could mean anything from a structural approach or involve supporting the healing and unwinding of shock and trauma or addressing ancestral aetiologies.

Samantha loves how Cranial Sacral Therapy and Homeopathy honour the whole of a person’s system, the complex interweaving of body, mind, spirit and energy.

She is also a qualified Doula and Reiki practitioner and has a background of Shamanic healing and Soma yoga. Samantha gets much of her own healing and support from being in nature

Jo O’Flanagan

Trained in Homeopathy and Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST), Jo often uses both disciplines to achieve faster and more effective healing results. This is achieved through the gentle use of Homeopathic remedies, which help to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism and Cranial Sacral Therapy, which corrects and releases these disturbances on a more physical level.

Having built up an extremely successful practice since 2006, predominantly through word of mouth and referrals, Jo specialises in trauma, symptoms of anxiety and depression in both adults and teenagers. She is also an experienced and adept practitioner in chronic and acute conditions.

Despite seeing the many benefits from the combined use of Homeopathy and Cranial Sacral Therapy, Jo also welcomes the sole use of one discipline, if this is what the patient needs or requires. She practices at the Marlow Clinic and at Nelsons Pharmacy, London.

Nikki Gillett

A love of learning and an interest in holistic health meant studying homeopathy in her forties was transformational for Nikki. Having worked in the corporate world since completing formal education she had previously dabbled in reflexology and Indian Head massage courses and was curious to go deeper. Nikki found lectures at the Centre of Homeopathic Education (CHE) inspiring and enjoyed the challenge of exams and essays which led to qualifying in 2014. The magic of homeopathy continued to unfurl for Nikki as she attended The Academy of Healing Arts post graduate course with Helen Johnson, and more pieces of the homeopathy jigsaw resonated and starting fitting together. Further studies with Colin Griffith developed her understanding of the new remedies, interwoven with a little astrology too.

Nikki finds it refreshing that in homeopathy studies, top of the academic class doesn’t necessarily equate to most successful homeopath. It is important however to have a sturdy foundation of understanding in order to fly.

As a mentor Nikki provides support with any obstacles to study, casework and also personal development.

As a homeopath she acknowledges that the truest learning comes from treating each patient.

Cathy Tennant

Cathy specialises in treating hormonal imbalances and depression, often caused by long-term use of endocrine disruptors such as steroids, oral contraceptives, HRT.

She supports her patients wishing to reduce their reliance on pharmaceutical medication by detoxing many substances that can affect health.  She complements homeopathy with nutritional and naturopathic therapeutics ensuring a truly integrated approach.

Cathy studied at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine and qualified as a Homeopath from the Centre of Homeopathic Education in 2013.  She is  a fully insured and registered member of the Society of Homeopaths.

Karen Moran

Karen completed her Homeopathy degree at the Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE) in London graduating in 2014 and then trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in London, studying Nutrition and Herbs. She has also been lucky enough to attend many of Helen Johnson’s courses and workshops over the last 10 years which have made a real impact on the way  she treats her patients.

She has a clinic in her Garden in Chislehurst where she practises as well as at Pegwell Bay by the Coast which she finds really calming. She mostly specialises in Fertility, Pregnancy, Babies and Children and Cancer. She has always had a real passion for the “Magic of Homeopathy “and is sure her students can feel how much she loves what she does, teaching them to give remedies with Love, Positivity and Good Energy as Homeopathy is an Energy medicine.

Learning to look at every aspect of the patients’ life and lifestyle, then offering advice and support as well as the remedies can be life changing for many patients.

Karen says she thoroughly enjoys being  a mentor and finds it hugely rewarding.