The River School of Homeopathy

The River School of Homeopathy is built on the healing principles of compassion, intuition and wisdom. It is an innovative holistic course designed to produce a new generation of inspired and skilful homeopaths equipped to meet the demands of treating people in the 21st century using an approach that acknowledges the four corners of health: emotions, mind, body and spirit.

Modern western life presents us with many new challenges to health. At the River School of Homeopathy, we aim to imbue our students with the professional and personal resources to treat clients with these modern health needs. We will teach the  philosophical foundations of homeopathy, the key homeopathic remedies and the psychology of disease incorporating the principles of the seven chakras, their relationship to the endocrine system and the importance of trauma. Alongside we will include principles of nutrition, body structure, lifestyle and much more. By incorporating clinical practice throughout the course, we will enhance your case taking skills and confidence. You will be assessed primarily through your case studies and essay writing.

At the River School, we believe that self-awareness and a sense of self-worth are fundamental to good practice, and that the first step in helping others is to attend to our own healing. We will guide you in developing your own innate wisdom, intuition and compassion so that you will gain faith in yourselves to become confident and effective practitioners. You will learn how to use stillness and listening in your case-taking as well as the knowledge of remedies and prescribing strategies to help each client back to dynamic health and well-being.